Re: Cry for Happy…

Welcome aboard to our new member….Virgo10FL….who I have to assume is Roberta.  Little by little, our group is growing and it will be nice to have Da Lo join when he gets through with his long swim across the pond.

Jenn…the Gr. Blue Heron pix was posted by me, not Shelley….so, thanks for the nice compliment.  It’s always nice to take pictures of birds when they’re doing something other than sitting still….nice shot of the Blue Jay.  It’s also nice to read that your Bobwhite populations seems to be rebounding.  It’s always sad to hear about the decline of any bird species.

Just a thought…perhaps we should add our names to our posts to make it easier for others to identify who sent it.

BTW, according to an email that I received recently in regard to activity here, Denise posted with a picture of (I think) an Osprey eating a fish….where did that post end up?




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