Scratching pinfeathers

Thanks, all, for the compliments on the Bobwhite! 🙂

Denise, how far (generally) south are you that you have not heard them in some time?  I was worried for a while about their numbers in my area; actually I still am, especially since we seem to have a Bobcat in the area now.  😕  And I almost never saw Bobwhites when I went out hiking until just this year.  Now I seem to be hearing/seeing them a little more, so at least that’s a positive.  One of my guides cites their numbers as declining, so you’d think they’d be off the “game bird” list if that’s the case!

SLB, that is an awesome catch on the Great Blue Heron!  You definitely don’t see them doing that often!  What’s funny is that I recently caught one of my Blue Jays in a similar pose…


It always fascinates me to see which birds scratch their heads from behind their wing and which ones just go straight up! 😀


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