Male E. Towhee

Thank you, Jenn, for sending out a smoke signal for Da Lo. It will be great to have him back with the group.  I look forward to seeing his bird pictures from the trip.  Also, thanks for the nice comment on the Gr. Blue Heron.  As I mentioned, I think we all should add our name at the bottom of our posts.  It makes it easier to see who’s doing the posting.  Hope you have a great weekend away and that you do see lots of fun birds.  Enjoy.

Here’s a bird that I saw in the Chiefland Astronomy Village in Chiefland, FL.  Since it normally forages on the ground for food, it’s difficult to get pictures of it.  Since it was spring, though, this male E. Towhee did take time out to sing.  As it perched in the top of an evergreen tree, I was able to get some pictures, although none with the bird out in the open..




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