Downy Woodpecker

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One spring morning, I was walking Rocky around an area next to where I live when I sighted a Red-bellied Woodpecker in a tree.  I watched as he flitted from branch to branch, fly away, then returned.  Then, I looked again and there were two birds in the tree, one who looked a bit different from the back.  I emitted a quiet gasp because I knew this was one of the birds I had been hoping to sight, again, not only to see but to photograph.  A year earlier, I had gone to Honeymoon State Park where I had been thrilled to see a Lifer.  Even better, he was relatively close and a poser.  I shot away, came home and discovered I had had the camera on the wrong setting and several very blurry photos.

I was determined to photograph the Downy Woodpecker this time.  The next two mornings, my camera and I went to the same spot at around the same time and waited.  Each morning, the Red-bellied arrived.  The third morning was the charm.  The bird stayed for a while, the sun cooperated, and I got as close as I dared.  



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