Buntings….strange behavior while bathing

I’ve been processing pictures that I took this past winter and thought some were very interesting.  While at Felts Audubon Preserve in Palmetto, FL in mid-February, there was lots of activity at the water feature, which the birds used for bathing and drinking.   An immature male Indigo Bunting insisted on getting the attention of a mature female Painted Bunting as she bathed.  Instead of ignoring him, she would stop bathing, go over to him, touch his beak and then resume bathing.  He kept “yelling” to her, though, and she would stop and repeat the process, which went on for several minutes.  Since there was no food, I assumed she was giving him some water.  There were mature female Indigo Buntings around, but none came to his rescue…he only had eyes for the female Painted Bunting.  After quite some time, he finally decided to take the plunge and had a bath…with two mature female Painted Buntings…what a coup for a young male!

Here are some of the pictures that I took that day of “bath time”…..

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