Busy summer

Sorry for the absence; it’s been much busier than I expected lately with trips and visitors and, of course, the yet fruitless job hunt.

I have had some exciting sightings in the last two weeks though!  I finally got to see a feral parrot population… right in the center of South Beach’s Lincoln Road!  They had nests in the palms and it was just amazing!



I mean no offense to anyone from the Miami area, but that city is not for me!!  However, the parrots and pelicans made the stay manageable.


I think I also added the Magnificent Frigatebird to my life list and I have a couple gulls and terns that I will post on our “What Bird?” page shortly because my IDs are questionable, at best, on those.


Then, yesterday, I found none other than a White-winged Dove on my feeder!  I took photos, but I haven’t dropped them onto the computer from my camera yet.  As soon as I get a couple of those photos uploaded, I will post them.

I enjoyed catching up on the posts when I finally made it back to the computer yesterday!

Jo, that was an interesting observation on the buntings coupled with some amazing photos!  It is definitely worth a little further research.  🙂

SLB, the juvenile heron photos were also amazing!  I have never seen a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, but I am anxious to.  I see a Green Heron at the wetlands occasionally.  I think they are my favorite as herons go… such smart birds!

I always call the questionable birds by the name Common Moorhen, myself.  I see them at the wetlands often, also.  I had seen others refer to them as Common Gallinules recently, but I suppose I just can’t get used to that because I learned them as moorhens.  🙂  I have yet to see the Purple Gallinule though, and I suppose that’s another reason why I continue to refer to them by their “old” name… keeps the two completely separate in my mind; but each to their own.  😉

I do hope everyone has otherwise been well as of late!



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