Well wishes, etc.

SLB, I do hope everything works out well for you at the dentist.  It’s no fun having a dental emergency, especially over the weekend. 

Jenn, it is so nice to have you commenting again….we missed you, but understand that you are busy with family as well as job hunting.  Hope you find work before too long.

Before commenting on your photos, my first thought is that, while I love cats, I hate the fact that they take birds.  I know some cat owners allow them to be free roaming, and there are also feral cats everywhere, but all the cats I’ve ever had (you don’t really own a cat, rather, you’re part of a cat’s staff), are always kept indoors, as there is no need for them to be outside.  They live healthier lives inside.  I would have also chased after the cat, but I assume you weren’t successful in making it drop the bird…what a pity, even if it was a Mourning Dove.  Speaking of which, there was evidence on our front lawn yesterday that a hawk had taken a Mourning Dove….that’s upsetting, too, but that is nature’s way after all.  It’s still upsetting to me, though.

I am not familiar with RSS feeds, but I think it’s about time I subscribed to one so I can read posts and comments from this as well as our other site, WBIT?, without having to sign in to the website where email from these sites gets delivered.  SLB, any suggestions as to which RSS feed I should subscribe to?  Live Bookmarks?  Google Reader?  I’m clueless, but from what I’ve read, RSS feeds make it possible to read posts from many sites all on one page, which would be very helpful.  Posts from our two sites go to my Juno account, but I get an awful lot of spam there and its time consuming to delete them.

Jenn, I’m in total agreement with your thoughts on Miami, probably because I dislike cities and avoid them like the plague.  At least you were able to see some new birds, which is always a bonus.  What neat pictures of the feral Parrots and their nests.  Another great find is the M. Frigatebird….good for you.  I hope to add both birds to my life list.

The Buntings….that was certainly very odd behavior for both birds.  In that same birdbath/fountain I watched a male Painted Bunting bathing.  Evidently he was taking far too long and enjoying the bath too much to suit a female Bunting.  She perched on the edge of the bath and “yelled” at him.  When that didn’t work, she dove into the water and chased him out…it was time for her to bathe. I have pictures of that event, too.  It’s always fun to watch birds, as sometimes you get some interesting shots.

Ah, the C. Moorhens….as mentioned, I had a tough time trying to find them on eBird’s list, until I found out that their name had been changed.  The ABA likes to keep us on our toes by changing names of birds, which makes me wonder if they do that just to justify their reason for being.  My guide books are not new, so they have the old name, but I suppose I can write in the new name for this bird.  It will take some time, though, for it to become a name that I use for this bird..

Again, SLB, let’s hope you get your dental problem resolved quickly….and, Jenn, it’s good to have you back posting comments and pictures….now all we need is DaLo to return!

Still trying to catch up with picture processing and I do have birds to post on WBIT? for ID help.





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