About Jenn’s photos and comments

Jenn, I love the Monk Parakeets, especially the babies.  Wow, how lucky you were to spot that.  Congrats on the Magnificent Frigatebird sighting.  I was so excited the first time I saw them, and then again recently when I was able to magnify and see more details.  I just was so fascinated watching it fly and dive.  I have never seen the Purple Gallinule; its on the list.  Looking forward to seeing your Dove.  I second the feeling about watching Nature’s ways.  Sometimes they are very sad to see.  I don’t like to see that, but the cat involvement is just so wrong.  I speak as one who owned house cats for 40 years and strongly believe pet cats belong indoors.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible.  I also volunteered for a cat shelter that only took in strays.  Some of the cats who were homed who never adjust to staying indoors because their previous experiences had been outdoors.

Looking forward to seeing your photos on WBIT?  It is so important having it be an active site.  I think those of us that have been participating are having fun with it and are learning some new ID skills.

I am going birding now.  Wish me luck and that the rains hold off.  The storm last night was the worst.  I never, ever heard thunder like that before.  The lightening was bad, but the thunder was totally incredible.        -SLB




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