Chatting with Jo and Jenn

Jo, although I have been looking, I have not seen any migrants.  I continue to see juvenile herons of various kinds and juvenile  Common Gallinules and evensome ducklings.  The quest is so much of the hobby for me, so I am still hoping, but the height of my seasonal expectations is probably around the corner.  That’s if those reports of early migrants hold true. 

Jenn, having discussed my love of looking for lifers and other new experiences, this time period has been a wonderful time to just observe the behavior of the birds I see so often.  I managed to find a window when the heat has dissipated and it was so beautiful and breezy out and the rains were waiting for the late, late evening before drenching the area in their daily pattern.  I went to the little beach in the town next door.  A few Nanday parakeets gathered on the wire outside the parking lot.  It was low tide.  I was surprised to see a Wood Stork in the bay, as it was the first time I had seen one out of freshwater.  The other birds were the “usual suspects.”  There were, as always, many Laughing Gulls.  A few were brown and appeared very young.

I saw a Great Egret, Great Blue Heron and a Yellow-crowned Night Heron.   They all stood there; quietly surveying the Bay.  I did not capture any of these birds with my camera because the light was poor, overcast and late in the day.  Nevertheless, it was a very special experience because the sun was setting on all of these birds; the scene was beyond beautiful.    -SLB


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