Of Doves and Jays

SLB, I do hope the weather held for you on your birding trip.  I haven’t had a chance to get out on an actual birding excursion for some time now.  If it’s not the rain, it’s been the heat or an overall lack of time!  😕  Did you see anything fun?

As cats go, I realize some pet owners are more responsible than others and that every cat’s circumstances are different (e.g., many are born “wild”, some are unintentionally lost, etc).  It really goes that way with any companion animal (consider the python, iguana, and even parrot populations in Florida).  The local news just ran a story this week about feral cat colonies in Brevard becoming a huge problem, though.  There is a lot of grey area there. 

I haven’t seen the cat come back around, but I haven’t seen my White-winged Dove again either.  However, on the brighter side, I remembered what Roberta said about their sound and looked it up again… I believe I have heard it in the area a couple times since that morning, so I’m hopeful!  The only doves that are truly regulars in my yard are the Mourning Doves and the Common Ground Doves; others tend to only come for a couple days at best, so I’ll just keep an eye out in the overall area.  🙂

Jo, your telling of the bunting interaction made me laugh. 😀 You are spot on about really watching the birds and their interactions.  I was just thinking about that this morning as I was watching a young Blue Jay and an Eastern Towhee on my wire. 

The Blue Jays have come up with an inventive method for breaking open their sunflower seeds.  They jam them in between two of the cables (presumably to keep them still… they used to place them under foot on the tree, but apparently the wire is easier/more effective?) and peck them open.  The point I am trying to make is that anyone driving by may see a Blue Jay on a wire.  Someone walking down the street might even notice a Blue Jay pecking at the wire.  But if you actually sit back for 10 minutes and really watch as they take one seed at a time up there, it suddenly becomes clear what is going on… and it is fascinating!  But that’s just me. 😉 

All right, stuff will not do itself today so I will be talking to you all later! 



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