To everything there is a season….

and that includes one for the Ruby-throated Hummers, who will be leaving us soon, with the males departing first.  Because of this, I’ve been trying to get some pictures of the males at the flowers planted just for their benefit in the flowerbed along our front porch.  Instead, what I’ve seen at the flowers are the immature Hummers.  There are two males that frequent our yard, and do battle with one another over who owns the feeders and, in fact, the entire yard.   We’ve nicknamed one of the males “Chatterbox” because he chatters almost continuously or perhaps it’s better described as scolding, because he gets very annoyed when another hummer approaches his feeder and keeps up a steady chatter as he chases it away, goes back to perch and continues to chatter away.   I would love to know what goes on in that little brain of his.

I’ve seen the males at the flowers only once, tried to take some pictures, but wasn’t happy with the results.  Since the males won’t be here for too much longer,  time is of the essence, but  I may have to wait until next season.  Getting pictures of them is not an easy task, as they are in continuous motion, going from one flower to another.  Here is a picture taken recently of Mr. Chatterbox, sitting on the Honeysuckle vine, about a foot away from “his” feeder…..he’s a handsome little devil, isn’t he?



2 responses to “To everything there is a season….

  1. For whatever reason, Mr. Chatterbox has been allowing one female, and who knows if it’s the same one, to feed at “his” feeder. In fact, they were both sitting at the same feeder yesterday evening, something we rarely, if ever, observe. Today, a female sat at the feeder and drank, while he sat on his favorite perch about a foot away. Perhaps he is seeing the error of his ways by chasing away the girls. After all, he’ll need to impress them during the next mating season or he’ll be left high and dry. 🙂

  2. Mr. Chatterbox is beautiful. While sighting the bird you are looking for is exciting, for a birder that is actually a photography-birder, capturing the right photo can be quite the challenge. I know this from experience and truly hope Mr. Chatterbox or another male cooperates soon.


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