Hummer with Manual Focus!


Ruby-throated Hummingbird


Ruby-throated Hummingbird

So, still getting to grips with this blog-site, but here’s another picture I took today (in Florida).  This time, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding at the Firebush (I think it is) at my local Botanical Garden.  I tried 100 shots on Auto-focus and the all came out auto-blurred, so I reluctantly switched to my (hideous) manual-focus and got lucky!


7 responses to “Hummer with Manual Focus!

  1. Thanks for all the plant info, DaLo. Some of them I know, but Jatropha? Never heard of it, but with red, tubular flowers, it would be a Hummer magnet. I’ve been looking for Coral Honeysuckle in FL but haven’t had any luck finding it. I’d like to have it in our yard there along with Firebush. I’ll just have to keep looking. I’ve seen Passionflower for sale, so maybe I’ll get one of those, too. Here in Nova Scotia, we have several Japanese Honeysuckle vines. They have orange, tubular flowers and the Hummers love them. Another plant that is an absolute magnet here is Monarda, aka Bee Balm, and the red ones get plenty of activity. I’ll post a picture of a Hummer at one of them and you’ll see why. What’s great about the flowers is that they last for weeks. Crocosmia is also a Hummer magnet, so I planted a few of them and they are in bloom now…also with small, red tubular flowers. I have been trying to get images of the males at any of the flowers, but Mr. Chatterbox is more interested in the nectar feeder.

  2. Jo. I asked the lady who tends the NCBG and she told me the name of the red plant that the hummer was at. I came home and Googled it and sure enough, she was spot on. So, for the record, the plant is a Jatropha – I even spelled it right! I also noted the HBs were on passionflowers and she said “Oh yes, they adore them”. And, the other plants they like are…
    Firebush, firespike, pogoda-plant, a flowering cactus (that looks like aloe to me but she said it wasn’t) and a yellow thing I forgot to ask about.

  3. Oh goodie, extra knowledge! So, I looked up firebush and penstemon and neither look exactly right, but there are about four very similar red, hummer-friendly plants there and I didn’t even realize they weren’t all the same thing until I looked at the pictures, so when the garden’s “keeper” said “firebush” I just stored it in my head under “Oh, OK then”. There’s also something that looks like (but isn’t) trumpet flower, and something that looks like (but isn’t) honeysuckle. Either way though, the hummingbirds always go to the red ones and (when I have my camera out) the ones on the other side of the butterfly garden. They’re little tinkers, but that makes capturing them (on film) even more fun! 🙂

  4. First of all, welcome aboard, DaLo. It takes a bit of trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easy to post. If you have questions, fire away.
    I know how difficult it is to take pictures of Hummers, even with auto focus, so you did very well with manual focus. I was thinking that the flower is Penstemon, because of the upright stem. Firebush is more of a spreading plant.. I don’t have the option here of attaching pictures of the two.

  5. For every extra gene I got for Nature appreciation, I’m one missing for technical interaction! After I shout at the PC screen for five minutes my wife kindly walks over and says “may I?” and before I can say “Stupid thing won’t let me…” she’s found the appropriate button or link or whatever and then steps aside so I can upload something, pretending I actually did it! Yes, I used the ‘New Post’ button (top right) (which my wife found after I said “there’s no way to post something new!?”) so if there’s another, secret way of doing it, let me know so I can play around with it (swearing as I go). If it lets me create a specific category, then all the better. Idiot version will be greatly appreciated!

  6. I write “housekeeping” comments and posts, then delete them. How are you posting? That “New Post” button on the top upper right of the page is very limiting. For all the fancy features, try one of the many other posting methods. Need help finding the other places for “New Posts,” let us know.
    Fancy features include a draft option, preview option, ability to post categories, photo editing options, sizing, slideshow abilities and more. It does take time to learn to navigate here, but we’re all still learning.

  7. Yes, you got lucky. Very nice. My first lifers were last spring, and l very quickly learned how tough it is to get a shot of such a tiny, fast moving bird.


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