More about being busy…

DaLo….I hope you can entice that pair of CGD to stay around your yard.  We have lots of Mourning Doves here daily, but I’ve yet to see them with babies.  I finally saw a CGD at Ft. De Soto this year…actually there were two of them….nd they were on the ground….lifers for me.  I was surprised at how small they were, about half the size of the MD.

It looks as though you’re “lazy, tired and/or weak” Hummer is a female.  They do need a lot of nectar to maintain their energy level, so it does make you wonder about this one.  By the way, are they there all year?  Seems to me there would be no reason for them to migrate.

How lucky you are to see RBWP babies….that would be a first for me.  I’m sure that baby enjoyed the grub.  UGH.



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