Too busy….me, too

Enjoyed your post, DaLo, and can understand being busy but always making time to do some birding.  I make sure that my daily eBird report gets posted, even if it’s just for 15 minutes of watching.  How can they justify stopping the school bus service?  Assuming it’s needed in your area, that puts the burden on the parents, most of whom are probably scrambling to get to their jobs in the morning…and what about when school is out in the afternoon?  Sounds like a real mess to me.

But, back to the birds….and your question about how to “un-insert” a picture….you should see an “edit post” button after you’ve published your post.  Clicking on that should allows you to make changes in the text and, by clicking on a picture,  two buttons appear in the upper left corner… to edit the picture and the other to delete it….once you’ve done your editing, don’t forget to click on the “update” button over on the right side of the page….that’s it.  Simple.   Here are pix I took in 2010 of imm. Ruby-throated Hummers at the Bee Balm that was planted with them in mind….oddly, the bees prefer the Echinacea (aka Cone Flower), but that’s okay….birds rule!





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