Catching up…

My, my, but I’ve got some catching up to do….thoroughly enjoyed reading all about squirrels…oh, wait, this is a site for birds….but, where there are birds, you’ll usually find squirrels.  Here in NS, we only have the red squirrels and, by coincidence, I took a picture of one of the little monsters that annoy me to no end…here it is


He appeared to be checking for body odor.  I am not a fan of squirrels, be they red, grey, black or any other color….I, therefore, spend a lot of time trying to prevent them from getting at the bird feeders.  This one, in fact, managed to get to a feeder today.  It jumped onto a 4-foot rope that was holding the feeder, climbed down it and then jumped from the baffle onto the 5-foot piece of PVC pipe and landed on the feeder perch.  I chased it, but it returned and did it again, so I removed the feeder.  I need a different baffle.  Did I mention that squirrels annoy me? 

SLB:  My flycatcher was the Great Crested.  And…. I remembered what you meant by full feature posting, but since DaLo  found it, no need to explain the kitchen sink to him.

We had lots of Mourning Doves in the yard today and, for a short time, six Pigeons.  I stopped putting cracked corn out to deter the Pigeons from coming to feed, because once they spread the word to their friends and relatives, they come in droves….we’ve had up to two dozen in the yard….not a good thing.  Yes, I know they’re birds, but just like Gulls, they tend to land on rooftops and what they leave behind is not good for the shingles.

It looks as though your Common  Ground Doves may stick around, DaLo, especially if you provide them with food on the ground, although the Mourning Doves and the Pigeons also use the perches on the feeders here….I imagine they just swallow the sunflower seeds, because they certainly don’t have the ability to crack the seed.  If the  CGDs are like the MDs, they can have 3 to 4 broods a year…..and then you may get to see what a baby CGD looks like….I would like to see a picture of them, so keep providing food for them.

Speaking of pictures, DaLo, as SLB mentioned, you can post pictures from  your trip .  I’ve probably seen them on your page on the site….but I wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

Ibis Bowling!  Oh, my goodness.  I can visualize you doing that….too funny.  You should do a video of it.  They are always in our yard in FL, but I never thought of using them as bowling pins.

I enjoyed looking at the Pinellas birds website and, boy, do I wish that I was there to see those Warblers, especially the Blackburnian.  The Cerulean is my dream bird, and it has also been reported in FL recently on the Brdbrain lists.  As for the info on Peeps that Ron Smith listed, I copied it into a Word document for future use.  The other article is also interesting.  Thanks for posting both of them, SLB.

When we traveled back to Canada this year, we didn’t always have Internet access, so I did what you did, DaLo….kept handwritten notes and then posted them to eBird when we could get online.  Trying to find exact locations for places where we stopped for just one night was a hassle, although I didn’t have to worry about maps being printed in French.  I did have quite a few new birds added to my life list, but not anything like your count….impressive, that’s for sure.   Speaking of eBird, I enjoyed reading about the young boy, age 12, who posted the 100th million record and I enjoyed his website, too….nice to see someone that young so interested in birds.



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