This is as OT as a Sulfur-Bellied Flycatcher in Florida would be off course. Of course.

OT  – The format I chose for this post is “Aside.”  Had there been one called Stream of Consciousness, that would have also sufficed.  Jo, the title is for you.  I couldn’t recall the name of “your” Flycatcher.  DaLo, looks like you found the “full featured feather poster,” also sold in your local grocery store in the mop section. 

I went to school (I think the British call it University) in a small town known for its black squirrel population.  Google “Black Squirrel,” and check out the entry for Wikipedia.  Under Distribution, words eight and nine.  There’s also a Canadian connection discussed in the article.  Now, these Grey Squirrels, I always wondered what they were.  Turns out, I grew up with them, the dog chased them mercilessly in Columbus, Ohio and the population here is incredible.  The Grey Squirrels look different in Ohio.  Their bellies are not as white.  They are a bit larger.  I am thinking this is Bergman’s Rule, having read the size of animals gets smaller the closer to the Equator they are.  Naturally, there are exceptions to the rule.  Overall, Florida is warmer than Ohio.   I  thought Grey Squirrels were Brown Squirrels.   They should be  -SLB


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