Busy? And then some…

…To continue that theme.  Ok, so I have been following the comments (mostly) and just finished catching up on the rest. 😀  I’m not going to go into my absence as of late… you all pretty much know what’s up, anyway.  So, on we go…

DaLo, welcome back!  I can’t wait to see some of the great photos you took overseas!  Congrats on the CGD; they’re so pretty!  They are fairly permanent residents (at least from what I have seen), so have fun watching/photographing them!  Also, congrats on the kingbird sighting!!  I have never seen more than one or two at a time over here, and when I say “or two” it is because I recently couldn’t tell whether that’s what I was seeing.  🙂

Jo, I love the RTH at the leaves; so cute!  The Blue Jay story is awesome, by the way (as is the photo, of course).  I was fortunate the other day to notice 3-4 very young juvenile jays on my block, but I will return to that in a moment.

SLB, I know it is going back a bit, but the photo you posted of the Royal Tern was fabulous!  I admire your ability to ID the terns like you do.  I have a couple you might be able to help me with.  I will get them on WBIT shortly.  I just cannot get a handle on tern/shorebird IDs!

Birding trips, have been few and far between for me lately.  I did finally get to the Merritt Island Preserve as a birthday present to myself two weeks ago.  I am happy to say that I was finally able to add the Reddish Egret to my life list!!  There is another shore bird that I will be able to add also, but I need to ID it first, also a post I will be making on WBIT, I’m sure. 😕  Those shorebirds… 😀  Also there, I was shocked to find a Belted Kingfisher!  They are only supposed to winter here, so early August seems way too early to be spotting one, but who knows?  Black and White Warblers are also supposed to only winter here, but it seems that I always find them year-round now!

What I have noticed lately is an unusual spike in baby birds.  This seems a bit late-season for fledgelings, but I haven’t really researched it yet (and it may be that I just didn’t know what to listen/watch for before).  For example, I can tell you right off that there are about a half dozen baby N. Mockingbirds in my immediate area based on their distinct begging sounds.  That one doesn’t entirely surprise me though because it seems that, at the wildlife rehab hospital I have been volunteering at, we always have a lot of mockers.  But the other day there were the very young Blue Jays and there was a very young N. Cardinal at my feeders.  I saw a fledgeling/juv Red-bellied WP today and a cotton-ball sized N. Bobwhite last week.  I don’t recall ever having so many very young birds in the area this late in the summer.  But I suppose it could just be my mind playing tricks; availability heuristic in reverse (or not… that’s a tough one to pinpoint)?  😀

And a quick comment on squirrels… yeah, most of us with feeders have done our share of pulling out hair trying to keep them away (as have I).  But last week I got to feed one of the baby E. Grey Squirrels at the wildlife hospital.  I am in a completely different frame of mind there, so the little ones do hold a soft spot, especially if their eyes aren’t open yet; but they’re oh so squirmy! 😀

I have to run for now.  I am hoping to get photos up soon, but, as last time, I have to get them off the camera first and I seem to be having a lot of trouble with that lately; sorry. 😕

Ok, I am off to paint a hawk….


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