Late Night Top-Up

OK, just a quick note as it’s (can that be right?) 1:23am!

So, I went down to WWP today and saw the usual crowd, but then I saw this fellow…



So I was very happy to see an Eastern Kingbird.  Not a bird I encounter often around here.

I went off and did some more birding and saw a pair of EKBs.  Great, I thought, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair before.  Every now and then a flock of something would come over, but I couldn’t decide exactly what it was, and then I saw a pair of EKBs at the other end of the preserve.  Was it the same ones or was I seeing two pairs?  Wow, 4x EKBs would be fun, but I’d better eBird that as just two individuals.  Then, as I was taking the above shot, a flock of about 35 birds came over (grackles??) and the EKBs rose up and joined them.  Some of them looked suspiciously like EKBs themselves, but I couldn’t really tell.  A few minutes later (whilst zooming in on something else) I saw these…



Sure enough, there were 6x EKBs!  I zoomed in too close (so I could confirm the ID) but there were actually 13 of them.  Given all that I wrote before, I may have seen a flock of around 3 dozen of them, but I can confirm I saw at least a ‘bakers dozen’ worth!

On the way home (don’t remember where I read the blog – maybe the Indigo Bunting person on WBIT?) I saw a mother wild turkey and a baby (my first juvenile turkey).  So cute!

P.S, yes, that red squirrel (sent to torment Jo) is what we (supposedly) have in Norfolk UK (plus the greys). 


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