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Da Lo and Jo, I have been reading and enjoying your posts and photos.  Those Hummers are incredible little birds.  Now, I am not sure if I have seen Ground Doves around here, although there are plenty of Doves.  In fact, I could certainly understand if a birder dove into the subject and was too submerged to emerge.

How is it that exhaustion wraps its tentacles around me before I’ve done all I planned to do today including finish my fabulous JPEG series of how to post with all the wonderful options including captioning photos?  Blame it on the de-energitizing effects of a day that was mostly gloomy and rainy. 

DaLo, you bowl with the Ibis.  We have our own routine.  Each morning we walk past them, as they are always out and about here.  I say, “It’s Ibis in the morning.”  Before Don Imus became a national figure, he had a radio show in my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  It was called, “Imus in the Morning.”     -SLB


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