Howdy Jenn (and Jo & SLB)

Howdy Jenn!  Good to read you again.  I’ll try to swing by WBIT? soon.

Jo:  Fantastic pictures of the HBs!  I looked at eBird’s data and saw that the Kingbirds fall off around the week of Aug 15th, so it seems a safe bet that they’re prepping for migration!

SLB: I saw the Imus – I mean Ibis – pack again today.  Gave them a quick game of bowling.  Will try to get a picture when I have a second pair of hands available.

Had to do some gardening work today (it was much cooler) so no birding or birding-pics today.  Sorry.  I also assumed that I’d get notifications in my inbox (a la WLBs) so I figured no-one had blogged here today and just checked on a whim.  Well, you know what they say about assumptions – they make an ass out of u and umptions!


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