Some ideas about posting photos

This series of photos is about posting.  Clicking on the first photo enlarges it, then clicking  the arrows on the right side of the page takes you to the next one and so on.  Or you can click on the individual one you want to enlarge.  Learning how to do things on WordPress is like getting a new toy.  Just play around with it until you are satisfied.  If I  messed up, and something doesn’t make sense, ask me about it, or Jo will call me on it, which is fine.  I  already saw the errors on the Stickies.  I think Jenn and Jo have enough experience to know all this, but since you are new to the blog, DaLo, and I am not yet sure what you have picked up.  Please don’t be offended by repetition of what you do know.

Again, this is a post I can delete later to give us more space.  Unlike some other sites, the owner or person(s) who run the site do not  pay , Glam Social or whoever.  After this, the camera and I will take a walk and see if we can find birds that are doing something interesting or just look cute.  -SLB



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