This, that and everything in between….

Enjoyed reading the posts and I can’t help but think that this site is a nice continuation of what we had on our WLB group page.  Jenn, you’ve been missed, but I think we all know of your busy life.  It’s always nice to read your posts.   We want to go to Merritt Island this winter, along with some other places on that side of FL.  So many places, so little time. 

As for seeing the Belted Kingfisher and Black and White Warbler at the “wrong” time of the year, they could be migrating through the area, as Da Lo pointed out and that is happening….fall migration has begun.  What surprises me is that you have baby Blue Jays and N. Cardinals this late in the season….that seems very odd.  All of our baby birds are grown and basically on their own. I don’t expect to see babies here until next year, probably June.

SLB:  I thoroughly enjoyed your “how to post”  series, which surely took quite a while to put together….great job!  This site is relatively easy to use, and it certainly has features to please everyone.  I think everyone has it mastered, but if not, just ask and we’ll help.

DaLo:  I would love to see pictures of you bowling with the Ibis!  Please try to get that done.  Actually, I’d like to see a video of that.  And, SLB, I used to be a fan of Imus many, many years ago….perhaps the show I listened to was broadcast from Ohio.  I’m no longer a fan. 

DaLo…you don’t get notifications from this site about what’s posted?  If I remember correctly, there’s a place to check on whether you want to get comments sent to you when you publish a post.

I read the article about the FL Grasshopper Sparrow last month, as someone on the Brdbrain listserv posted it.  Reading it just made me cry.  I just wish there was something we could do.  It was encouraging to read that they will try to collect a number of the birds to breed them in captivity  Could they be relocated to another area of the country that has their specialized type of habitat?  At this point, I’m sure they will try anything.

We saw a male Hummer at one of our window feeders earlier today…just once. It wasn’t Mr. Chatterbox, as his job was to guard the feeder hanging from the front porch gutter, so he spent the day doing just that.  We think this was a bird that was migrating through.  What I noticed today was that some of our trees are turning colors….a sure sign of the changing of the seasons, although the weather is still quite warm, which suits me fine, since I’m not ready to migrate just yet.




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