Travels with DaLo

I truly enjoyed your post about your trip, and will have more to post about it, later.  I have to be out of here in a few minutes.  I don’t know where you posted your photos, which I would like to see.  If you look at your previous post again, you will see what I added, and I guess you can guess that I am neither a member nor a fan.  I hope they are not there.  First, you (and Jo) post all these abbreviations that flummox me.  Now, I think the library catalogue and I will have another encounter.  Many of the birds you discuss are probably not found in my N. American guides? 

The (I think they are called a clan) crows are flying around the little pond across the street frenetically.  Of course, calling out, as well.  Rain later today?  The Duck and her quickly growing ducklings are swimming.  The Snowy is foraging.  We almost always have Ibis in the Morning.  The Great Blue that appears to be an adolescent is just standing there.  He seems to be either an evening visitor there or stands there when it rains.  The wind is not as high as yesterday, but I think it may be later.  -SLB


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