Warblers! Well, two, anyway..

Wow!  What an interesting blog about your trip, DaLo….in spite of the miserable weather, you managed to have a good trip and to do a lot of birding.  I especially enjoyed reading about those Winter Wren fledglings and the one that landed in your hair.  I have always wanted to travel around England, and after reading your post, now I want to do that even more so I can see all those birds you mentioned.  I have seen your pictures at that other website whose name I won’t mention.  If you can find the time to re-size them for this site, I know the other members of our group would enjoy seeing them, too.

While sitting in the backyard this afternoon, enjoying the Chickadees, Juncos, Goldfinches, Purple Finches, Red-breasted Nuthatches and Ruby-throated Hummers flitting about, I aimed my camera at a Chickadee that was about to break open a sunflower seed.  I have lots of pictures of these birds, but can’t resist taking more.  After snapping a picture, I spotted something yellow flitting near the Chickadee, aimed my camera at it and couldn’t believe what I saw…..a Magnolia Warbler!  I snapped a quick picture before it darted off.  Had I not mentioned yesterday, SLB, that I had not seen any Warblers in the yard this year?  Here’s the picture that I took of it….Image

I’ve seen these birds in the backyard before, but never one in breeding plumage….always in non-breeding plumage.  And, yet, members of the Brdbrain listserv have seen and posted pictures of lots of Warblers in FL recently, this weekend, in fact, and they’re all in breeding plumage.  So, what’s with the Magnolia Warblers that are here?  Why are they so quick to shed their beautiful colors? Am I never to see one in breeding plumage? 😦

Anyway, about a half hour later, I again see something yellow in the shrubbery, aim the camera at it, in spite of it being way too far away for a picture.  Instead, the camera acts like  monocular….it’s another Warbler!  Walking over towards the shrubs, I watch the bird darting from one place to the other….typical of Warblers.  I spot it high up in a tree, but it’s moving around so quickly….I aim and snap a picture…..but this is what I got….


Believe me, there is a bird in the picture…it’s that big yellow blob in the middle, on the branch, with it’s head obscured by a leaf and one wing up, as it’s just about to fly off again.  So, what was this bird…..a Warbler, unidentified, is how I reported it to eBird. There are quite a few birds that this bird could be….Magnolia, Canada, Yellow, etc.,….but all I can really do is wonder….and hope more will be around tomorrow. 

This year seems to be one for me to miss out on migration, whether it’s spring or fall.  We left FL just as the spring fallout at Ft. De Soto began in mid-April, one of the best fallout of birds they ever had.  Groan.  We missed it at Brier Island in Nova Scotia by a week in the beginning of May.  Another groan.  And now, as fall migration is underway, we are going to leave here on Sunday for a month-long trip to Newfoundland.  Not cause for groaning at all.  Hopefully, there will be birds there that will be added to my life list, in spite of migration….we’ll see.

SLB, I’ll try not to do use abbreviations, as I don’t wish to confuse you…it’s just done to save some typing. 

It’s so nice to hear that my posts are educational….here’s a bit more….it’s not a “clan of crows” but a “murder of crows” for those raucous Crows in your area.  I doubt that you have them there, but it’s a “clan of hyenas”….although you may see a “charm of hummingbirds”…..and please don’t ask me who comes up with these collective nouns.

So, if any of you would like to venture a guess on my mystery Warbler…..feel free to do so.



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