Birding in Pinellas County

How wonderful you got to see so many species here, DaLo.  Yes, I noticed the Da1o, but since you did not say anything about the change, I am guessing you are still DaLo here? 

I live in a good county for birds.  I always enjoy seeing the Monks and Nandays.  So noisy and so beautiful.  The Frigatebirds are friggin’ glorious to watch.  I look forward to seeing your pics from your trip.  Does anyone mind if I occasionally tag one of their photos?  I like to go back sometimes and see those birds again.  I am   thinking about people, pets, but also birds and other wildlife as Issac keeps us on alert status.  I am in a Zone A.  I don’t know where you are, but be safe.  -SLB


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