Heading east and north, not south like the birds…

We will be leaving tomorrow morning for Cape Breton for an overnight stay before getting on the ferry to Newfoundland on Monday morning for a one-month visit there as well as a brief stay in Labrador, where I’m hoping to see an iceberg…..and, of course, some different birds in both places.

So, what’s with the name change DaLo?  Glad you had a chance to bird Pinellas County, which is an excellent spot for a great variety of birds.  I envy both you and SLB for having seen the Frigatebird and the two kinds of Parakeets…..I hope they’re around when we get back to Florida this fall so I can add them to my life list.

Well, Thursday was a great day for Warblers and Vireos, as well.  I was sitting on the back deck, hoping for more Warblers to visit, when Terry called me to the front, telling me there was a Warbler in one of the trees.  Sure enough, it was a Black-throated Green, flitting about in the Pine tree.  I managed to take one picture before it flew off. 

Later on, I decided to walk up our long, long driveway, all 500 feet of it, with camera in hand, just to see if there was anything around.  Just as I neared the end, I spotted something yellow flitting around the shrubs….another Black-throated Green Warbler.  This time, I took several pictures, but it was mostly hidden in the shrubs.  Then I noticed another bird to the right of it, higher up….aimed my camera and saw that it was a Blue-headed Vireo.  Then, another bird flew in….one of my favorite Warblers, although I don’t think of it as a Warbler at all, but it is.  It stayed on the branch long enough for me to take a few pictures and then it flew to the other side of the driveway and then into the woods….an Ovenbird.

There was also an immature Warbler around, and I got several pictures, but have no clue as to its identity.  After taking quite a few pictures of the birds as they gleaned insects from the trees, I walked back down the driveway.  I found more Black-throated Green Warblers in the backyard, both male and female, as well as immature Warblers that I cannot ID, although I’m fairly certain one is a Magnolia.  I’ll have to post the unknown birds to our other site for help.

First one below is a female Black-throated Green Warbler and the next two are the males, with the first still in breeding plumage….the last one picked at the leaf, not realizing it wasn’t attached to the tree, and wound up with it in its beak….cute!


I know we’re always told to keep our distance so as not to disturb the birds, but these Warblers and the Vireo were totally unconcerned that I was nearby.  Since there was no one to tell me not to get close, I got as close as I could and the birds just went about their business.  In fact, they often moved closer to me.  The birds that are in our yard daily sure don’t behave like that!  They fly off as soon as they see me. The Warblers and Vireos seem more intent on catching insects and fattening up for their journey south.

Here’s the Blue-headed Vireo….Image

And, here’s the jaunty little Ovenbird….since both look alike, I don’t know if this is a male or a female….Image

I’ll post these to WBIT?, but here are the unknown birds……I think the first one is an immature Magnolia…Image

while I’m not sure about this one at all, and I do have more pictures of it….Image

Okay, folks, after I post my birds to the WBIT? site, that will be it for a while for me.  While we should be able to get online, it will not be a daily thing, as my better half tells me we will not always be camping in RV parks with all of their amenities.  We have a generator in the motor home, which allows us to camp without worrying about being plugged into electricity….sounds like an adventure in the making.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep in touch from time to time, so I can at least read the posts….happy birding, Jo


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