5am catch-up!

I just finished my marathon task of completing all my checklist submissions for eBird from my California trip from July 2010.  What made it even more of a hard slog was the fact that I didn’t use eBird back then and just took ‘nice pictures’ of birds (with no note of where and when I saw them).  But, with the help of my diary entries, photo date-stamps and Google Maps (plus a lot of deductive reasoning, a so-so memory and credit-card receipts) I managed to piece together a 14 day (loop) trip from San Francisco via Yosemite, Mt Lassen, Humboldt Bay and even clipping Oregon!

It was worth it though as not only have I finally taken that nagging monkey off my back (of “what about those pictures”) I also just added 40 new species to my virtual life-list – taking it to a nice, plump 300.  I guess now I really ought to go through every photograph I have and try to tease out some more hits, although I have over 50,000 of them so I don’t fancy the task much!  I’ve also crossed the 500 checklist mark for this year (and that doesn’t count the California submissions as they were deemed to be 2010 – even though I did them this month).

I just read the last blogs (from SLB and Jo).  Have a good trip Jo (even though you’ve already left).  And ladies, I tried to get ‘Da Lo’ as my online name for “that other site” but it had already been taken!  Da Lo being such a common name I guess?!  SLB, tag away, I don’t mind one way or other.  Jo, awesome warbler shots!  I wish I could have been there, I rarely get to encounter the little ones!  Someone locally spotted a Hooded Warbler a few days ago and I was so jealous.  I went out looking but it’s very quiet here this week.  I did get to almost hand-feed seven Sandhill Cranes that walked up to my front door today though!

Hope Isaac misses everyone – people and birds alike.



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