Catching up and warblers

Oh my… it seems I have a lot of catching up to do.  I am pinning it to my list for this evening; tomorrow at latest.  I was doing some volunteer shifts in a veterinary office last week and that kept me away from the house most of the time.

I thought I would share, quickly, that I did grab one day last week for birding at Turkey Creek.  It started kind of rough, but I happened upon a group of warblers and am excited to say that I added (at least) one to my life list!  I have finally, officially, seen a Prothonotary Warbler!!!  I got a great photo and also finally got great photos of the Black-and-White Warbler and Northern Parula.  The American Redstarts still remain unsuccessfully photographed for anything more than ID purposes.  I will get them though! 😀  And then, if I am not mistaken, there was a fifth species in there, but I will have to upload and examine my photos to be sure.

I took a quick run-through yesterday, following the storm, but I did not come across many birds.  They must have been there though, because the person that logged out before me saw several species!  Next time I will go through with more time to wait them out. 😉

Off to the wildlife hospital… will catch up soon!  I do hope everyone got through the storm all right?  Ground is saturated, but we are otherwise fine over here. 🙂


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