A Florida Birdwatcher in England, 2007 First Batch

Da Lo, Don’t know how you got back, but welcome.  I enjoyed all the photos and am looking forward to seeing more.  They look very good when enlarged with a simple click.  Thanks for posting them.  None of the Swallows I have seen landed for more than a second, so it is nice to see more than the bottom of one.  Avocet is definitely on my list of birds to see. I was looking for a Summer Tanager that was supposed to be around after the fallout, but can’t complain.  I found a Scarlet Tanager.  Isn’t that Buzzard something different!  Yes, he is a glorious blackbird. 

I appreciate all the captioning. Now, you’ve got another invite with WBIT and the other site.  BTW, when you get a chance, please check out the photo on WBIT.  If I am right, and I sure hope so, there’s a lifer. SLB


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