from eastern Newfoundland….

This will be short and sweet….tried to post a few days ago, with no success.  Just wanted to check in….enjoyed reading the posts and seeing DaLo’s bird pictures…..beautiful birds.  We had the opportunity to see and take pictures of Puffins a couple of days ago….will post pictures when I have more time.  Today, we visited a Northern Gannet colony, along the 200-foot high cliffs….they were about 50 feet away, so we were able to get some pictures of them….there were adults and babies, numbering around 40,000 in all, which we were told is the largest colony of these birds in North America….needless to say, a very noisy group!  Again, I’ll post pictures when I have more time.  We also saw 30 of what I believe were Whimbrels and a also some Pipits….I’m almost certain of both IDs, but will post pictures just to make sure.  All of these birds….Puffins, Gannets, Whimbrels, Pipits….are new to me.

Oh, and by the way, our first morning here, last Tuesday, the trees around our campsite were swarming with Black-throated Green Warblers!  What a surprise that was.  Also saw and photographed Boreal Chickadees..another lifer for both of us.  There was also a pair of Am. Redstarts and several Blue-headed Vireos.  I would have thought the Warblers and Vireos would have been gone from here by now.  The other day, also around another campsite, there were Yellow-rumped and Black and White Warblers, still in breeding plumage.  So, as you can imagine, I’m in my glory.

The weather has been fantastic….everyone keeps staying it’s the best summer they’ve ever had…..warm and sunny, with some rain, but no reason to complain.  The ferry ride here only took 4-1/2 hours, instead of the stated 6-8, so I was very happy about that.  We are heading towards St. John’s, with some stops along the way, and always the roads go along the coast, so the scenery is gorgeous….we are never far from seeing the ocean.




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