England, 2007 (batch #7)

OK, final batch…



Whimbrels.  Easy to ID, even in bad light!  🙂





Widgeon pair

A Widgeon pair!



A Wren, bringing dinner to hungry chicks.


A Yellow Wagtail. Taken on the North Norfolk Coast

A Yellow Wagtail.  Taken on the North Norfolk Coast.



A Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella (from the German ‘Ammer’ meaning ‘Bunting’).  Hiding in the undergrowth at the lost town of Braydeston, Norfolk.  Not to be confused with the nickname for the Yellow-shafted Flicker of the USA.


Male Yellowhammer

The male [Yellowhammer] sings “A little bit of bread and no cheeeeese”.


Whooper Swans

OK, now stay with me on this one!  This was the very last photo I took in 2007.  I was doing a sort of “Big Year” (before I even knew there was such a thing) and it was day 365 (December 31st) at sunset.  I was at 119 and hoping to get to 120 (for a 10-a-month average).  I had a telescope with me and just as I was about to leave another birder told me that there were some Whooper Swans over the river and far away.  I’d seen them and assumed they were simply Mute Swans, but focusing through the telescope I could see they were Whoopers!  I’d never seen them before (or since).  I just wanted one shot to prove their ID (with their distinctive yellow bills).  Although the quality is dreadful, it came out with a kind of “Swans in Pastel” vibe which I really like, not to mention I got my 120th species.  When I came to the USA, I got over 120 species in one 3-week period, but I always remember 2007 fondly as the year I first went birding seriously.  By the way, talking of Anniversaries, I just realised today marks 3 years at my current address in Hernando County.  So “Happy Anniversary” to me!  🙂


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