Mouse Trap

SLB (or to use your Native American Indian name “Dances Without Mice”).  I’m sorry your mouse died.  Can we swap please as I have an issue with Hotmail reverting from UTF-8 encoding to Western European and I can’t figure it out.  At least with a dead mouse I’d know what needed I needed to do!  Anyway, I went round a family member’s house this evening and couldn’t get Hotmail to work at all there, so maybe they’re having some problems?  Hope not, as I have 12 years worth of emails stored with them.  Then again, maybe it’s time for a new start?  Whilst I was there I tried to access “Photos by SLB” and couldn’t get anything except that same blank white screen, so for once, I think it isn’t me!  It also rules out me having a weird ‘disable links’ virus (though McAfee swears I’m in tip-top shape).

OK, I’m about to upload the last batch of England 2007 pictures…


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