Reply to SLB’s questions…

1:  I’m sorry, I re-titled all of the pictures to be their names and assumed they were showing up (I never actually looked after I uploaded them as I assumed they were as they were when I thought “OK, they’re ready to upload”).  I will add their names later.

2:  How many are found in both the US & UK?  Well, I’d say about 50-75% are not, but I tried to limit international duplicates, so maybe 90% are not (from my England batches).

3:  I tried “Photos by SLB” (under Links, under Search) and got the same empty, white screen as the URL

4:  I get to “New Post” as your picture describes (top right-hand corner of the website).

I will be uploading my penultimate batch of ‘England 2007’ pictures very shortly…


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