Comments about Batch 7, with a Whooper almost touching heaven

Yes, it is an otherworldly photo, a once in a lifetime shot.  It reminds me of a “can you find this in the picture?” game, pretty cool.  Have you checked out Terry’s astrophotography link yet?  There are a lot of thumbnails; it is in the middle of the second row.  I captioned the photos to see if I could after they had been posted.  I could.  I did.  I think only birdwatchers deliberately take tusch photos.  It is a legit ID tool.  And so pretty if it is a Yellowhammer.  I always try to pick out a favorite or two, but I just can’t this time.  You saved the best batch for last.  Two birds got away this week.  One a possible lifer and the other a bird that desperately needs photo documentation.    There’s some incentive.  -SLB


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