After the storm….

Wow!  I managed to take a quick look at all the posts….enjoyed all of your pictures, DaLo and Jenn, I’m glad you were able to post the pictures of those Warblers!  Great job on the Black and White!  I just cannot seem to get a good picture of one of them. 

We are heading towards the western area of Newfoundland today, after enduring lots of rain from tropical storm Leslie last night and this morning, as it finally made landfall about 120 miles south of us.  So, Terry is now bugging me to leave, which means I’ll just have time to post a few pictures….first up are the Northern Gannets, which were about 50 feet away….one pictures shows a juvenile….


Next up is a Gray Jay….not as colorful or as noisy as the Blue Jays


And, the Puffins….well, actually one Puffin, about 150 feet away from us with the Ocean churning about 200 feet below between the cliff we were on and the one they were on….there were hundreds of them as well as Herring Gulls…


SLB….are you using a wired mouse?  If your mouse is without a tail, then I would suggest new a new battery….too bad I wasn’t closer, as I have a few spare mice and could have given you one.  I hate using the finger pad!

Okay…..Terry is itching to be on the road again…..don’t know when we’ll have Wi-Fi access again…later, Jo




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