Hummingbird (Hawk Moth)

So I was staring at my vacant hummingbird feeder and I noticed a HB Hawk Moth underneath it at the Lantana.  It was almost impossible to photograph as it was never still, moved faster than I could keep up with and it’s getting very dark outside.  But, here’s a half reasonable shot of the moth.  As a still image, it just looks like a large brown moth, but moving it was very much emulating an actual hummingbird (don’t know which came first).  The reason I mention it is twofold.  One, there aren’t any birds around and I’m very bored, and two, I’ve noticed that when and where I see hawk moths, I tend to see actual hummingbirds.  That’s more likely due to the fact that they share the same food source, but I like to think of one as a ‘good omen’ for seeing the other. 



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