More Power!

I’m running the laptop off the car battery, which is also charging the laptop battery, so I’m back in business. 

Thanks for the nice comment on my Gannet and Puffin pictures, DaLo. I believe some of your Hummer pictures are juvies, as they have those “stripes” on their throats.  As for the picture you took of the adult male and female, I’m amazed that they weren’t fighting with one another.  When they arrive at our home in Nova Scotia, they will mate just once, as there really isn’t enough time for her to raise more than one brood.  After that, she wants nothing to do with the male at all, chasing after him whenever they are near one another.  If yours are birds that remain in FL year round, then there is a possibility that they would mate at this time of the year and, of course, she does it all…builds the nest, lays the eggs, keeps them warm and toasty until they hatch, feeds them until they’re ready to fledge and then her job is done.  The male has his fling and that’s it for him until the next mating season, although they have been known to try to win over the females by performing their mating ritual, but the females are not interested.  Raising one brood is enough for them, thank you.

Enjoyed looking at all of your pictures, DaLo, especially of the Scrub Jay, a bird that is on my “most wanted” list.  I’ve yet to see them, but I’m always hopeful that one day I will. There are lots of places around FL to do that and we will visit a few of them this fall and winter.

What a surprise that FL jumped to #5 place on eBird.  That reminds me that I will have a lot of posting to do when we get back, although I could take care of some of that today, since we’re staying put thanks to the weather.  It’s nice, though, to just chill out once in a while and enjoy the scenery, although when it’s overcast and gray, it doesn’t show the beauty of the area very well.  There are small birds flitting around, but they rarely pause long enough to have their pictures taken.

As mentioned in my previous post, I managed a really lousy picture of a Yellow-rumped Warbler, taken through the motor home’s window, as I could not open the door or it would have flown away…..have a look at a picture that will not meet National Geographic standards, but it is a Yellow-rump, isn’t it?  😉


Okay, time to check out the WBIT? site…..Jo




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