Re: DaLo and Jo’s recent posts

I have a daughter I sometimes call “J.”  I truly enjoyed speaking with her yesterday, so I guess that is also a “J” day, but I really wish I had Da Lo’s kind of J day. A Scrubber would be a lifer for me.  I had no idea a Scrub Jay could be found on the West Coast here. Those Turkeys actually look regal.  I guess that’s what happens when you know you have a future ahead of you.  You really caught a Kodak moment (we can still use the phrase because we all know what it means, even though life is now digitized) when the Hummer spread its wings.  It’s really special when the bird you are photographing shows its stuff for the shot.

I got my mouse squeaking again.  How is the email issue, DaLo?

I recently added an “England” category, and will be adding a “Newfoundland and Labrador” category soon.

Jo, I gasped when I saw the Gannets.  Incredible series of photos.  It looked so graceful in flight.  I liked the opportunity to see the juvenile.  You can be grey and pretty, even if you have the bad luck of sharing a similar name as a bright, noisy bird.  Then, the Puffin.  It looks so clunky in the air, but it is such a beautiful, unique looking bird that it must have license for a clunky-looking flight pattern.  As far as I am concerned, seeing the Puffin after the Gannets must have been like hot fudge on vanilla ice cream if I can use that simile for a birder’s experience.  The cherry would be Penguins since that is my favorite species.  You “did good,” Jo.  Great photos and what a fabulous opportunity for you. 

Also, I do like that little Chickadee.  The Warblers and their partners in migration are fast and small, making them quite the challenge to  ID and photograph.  Of course, at this point, I would be happy to have just one zoom past me.  -SLB


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