New lifers, photo comments

Mornin’ all!

Business first, I guess.  SLB, I too am more-or-less indifferent about the public/private site issue.  I am all for internet privacy, myself, so if that is what you would like to do, go for it. 🙂

So… migration… there are definitely warblers coming through!  I actually had a Yellow-throated Warbler flit through the yard last week!  Also, at the wildlife hospital, we had a warbler and an Ovenbird in last week.  I hope they are doing well, but we’ll see tomorrow I suppose.  I am guessing all this wind we have had over here has had something to do with that.

Jo, the photos were spectacular!  As much as I adore the Puffins, that first Northern Gannet photo really struck me; beautifully artistic!  All of the photos were great though, and so cool to see the young Gannet and the Puffin next to its own burrow.  I love SLB’s fudge sundae simile to describe the experience… I will have to remember that. 😀  I love the Boreal Chickadee photo too…  adorable little bird, that is!

SLB, don’t worry… I’m shy on the hummingbirds over here too. 😕  I have only ever seen one come through the yard.  I don’t keep a feeder up (although I did vow to start once school was done), but I did plant a garden full of flowers (like those below) near the windows so that I can see them should they show up.

Image  I hear that they prefer the yellow and orange to other colours, so I figured it might be a good bet…  no luck so far though.

DaLo, like SLB mentioned, I was surprised to find that there are Scrub Jays that far west.  That’s awesome though!!  I just love Scrub Jays.  I have two areas over here that they are usually a sure bet at:  Micco Scrub Sanctuary and St. Sebastian River State Park.
I have a question for you about one of the British birds:  The Sparrowhawk.  I was recently watching the miniseries “The Secret Life of Birds” which features the birds of Wales.  That was the first time that I had heard of a Sparrowhawk (just prior to seeing the lovely picture you snapped while overseas).  Before the host said its name, I automatically assumed it was a Sharp-shinned or Cooper’s… they look very similar and they certainly seem to hunt the same way.  Do you know anything about their relationship to our Accipiters?  Is it a matter of reference (like the hawks being referred to as buzzards), or are they actually different species completely?

Well I managed to add two lifers to my list yesterday… without even going birding!  I have been trying to get my life list organized.  Last year, working on school work, I was doing a lot of “birding on the run”… snap photos, ID later, that sort of thing.  I am just now finally getting caught up.  Going through last October’s folder, I found that I had a hiding Ovenbird in one shot (with what I believe to be an American Redstart… months before I officially logged the species), and a couple Magnolia Warblers.  I also had photos of none other than that elusive Yellow-throated Warbler that I did not think I had been able to capture “on film” until recently.  When it rains, it pours, I suppose.  And I have photos of an un-IDed Empid to post over on WBIT, so I may be able to add another lifer!  It’s like Christmastime!! 😀


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