SLB: So, that photograph of the hummingbird from your friend?  I’m not so sure that it’s a Ruby-throated?  I think it might be an Anna’s and probably Ohio (not PA) as they haven’t been reported there (says the internet).

Public or Private?  Um, I can’t see it makes any difference to those already joined, so I vote for the majority.

Hotmail seems to be behaving itself again.  Not sure what happened there?  Hope it doesn’t revert again!

Jo:  Certainly looks like a YRW to me.  I love the Boreal Chickadee!  I’d love to see one of those!  I was lucky enough to see Chestnut-backed and Mountain Chickadees in California, though I didn’t know a ‘Mountain Chickadee’ even existed until I got back from my trip and looked at the pictures in more detail as I only had Eastern guide-books then.


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