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DaLo, I am very sorry about the Ultralight pilots who had fatal accidents, people who must feel like a part of your extended family.   Praying mantis’ are common back on my original stomping grounds in Ohio. I didn’t have any particular interest in birds, then, and had never seen Hummingbirds, much less knew anything about them. Jenn, as far as seeking out internet videos, I prefer not to see them devoured by a Praying Mantis. My assumption would be that the insects would be “Preying” Mantis and the little birds would be those praying. I can’t imagine that those long, sharp bills would be so ineffective against the Mantis. Apparently, my sense of logic here is so wrong.  I am delighted to hear that Operation Whooping Crane is back. I bet that is a project you would love to participate in. Nice photo.   Catbird.  A harbinger, perhaps?  You are really one hot birder now that the migants are back.  I have always had deficits in the area of  finding the hidden objects in illustrations or photos, so even after I enlarged the photo, it was a challenge. I finally found the Praying Mantis, an insect that apparently excels at camouflage.

Jenn, you mentioned finding the unexpected when going through photos that were previously taken. That’s quite an experience, especially finding the “hiding” lifers. Way to go. It has happened to me and I am sure it will again. It is fun.  I’ll have to check out WBIT and see if I can help find the Empids’ clothes, I mean ID’s.  

Jo, looking forward to seeing more of your photos, both that of the birds that also find Florida a good place to visit or even stay a bit and those that are not interested in Florida, for one reason or another. Safe trip home

My Woodpecker story will have to wait.  -SLB


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