SLB:  Love the…

SLB:  Love the Belted Kingfisher.  Can’t wait to hear about the Woodpecker story.

Jenn:  I looked up “Sparrowhawk” (Accipiter nisus) and it is a species not found in the Americas.  Likewise, the Sharpie and Cooper’s Hawks (A. striatus & A. cooperii) are not found in Europe.  The word “Sparrowhawk” is sometimes used as a term for the American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) it said.  The female (SPH) is 25% bigger than the male (and upto 50% the weight) which is the biggest male/female bird species difference known.  The Sparrowhawk was almost made extinct in East Anglia (where I live) but it bouncing back after pesticide bans in 1975.  I went from never having seen one to having them nest and raise a brood (or more) on my land!  Yippee!


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