Thanks DaLo, and of Mantises…

Thanks for the info, DaLo!  Well, at least I was correct in my assumption of the group to which the Sparrowhawk officially belongs. 😀  How very lucky that you got to see them nesting right there; they are beautiful birds!  Now that you mention it, I think I may have heard a Kestrel referred to as a Sparrowhawk somewhere before… perhaps that’s part of my confusion on the issue?  Anyway, I appreciate the very thorough answer. 🙂

The photo of your Whooping Crane is just spectacular!  I am so glad that program is back up and running.  I really hope to get to see one of those guys some day.

So… forgive my surprise, but you had never seen a Praying Mantis?  Or had you just not seen one in 8 years?  It seems that we get them like crazy every year here!  Right now they are everywhere… in fact, my husband actually found one hitchhiking in his camping gear just last night, so now there’s one more in the garden.  I recently “found” one photo-bombing (as my kids say) one of my warbler pictures…  Look closely:


When I originally posted the photo here, I had cropped it so that I never even saw the “little” guy.  I do hope it was the Warbler who was playing the role of predator here because I had watched the videos that had been posted to WLB of their encounters with hummingbirds… shocking!

Those are great photos of the mantis you helped cross the road; they are pretty fascinating insects, in my opinion.  (By the way, I have heard that they do bite… but I have never been bitten… of course neither have I tried to pick one up, so who knows?) 😀



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