Woodpeckers and my latest sightings

DaLo, a Veery, veery cool.  I know that you saw that one coming, but I had to, anyway.

If the photo I posted is a Downy instead of a Hairy, that’s OK.  In fact, I probably used the bars as a characteristic when I originally ID’ed the bird as a Downy last March.  Looking at all the photos I have of the first bird I saw, I think bill appears chunky and not terribly small although I do not have photos of the bills next to one another.  I thought that the bird in the photo I posted yesterday was about the same size as the bird in the photo I am posting here today, but the Downy would be much smaller than the Red-bellied.  I saw them flying in the same tree at the same time for a few minutes.  I guess my memory is faulty, then.  Last March, I also took photos of a female Woodpecker that may have been the mate of the bird whose photo I posted yesterday.  They were all seen in the same tree.  The serious problem I am left with is what the heck was the much smaller woodpecker (I saw yesterday) which had a red cap on its head and a very similar face?

As Jo said, Belted Kingfishers seem to hang around the same areas day after day.  I got better photos today, but am still hoping to do better.  I heard, then saw a Loggerhead Shrike.  It could be an early migrant or maybe a year round resident.

Then, later, I saw a Tern diving and flying around.  The bill color would have helped me a lot, but due to its size and my knowledge of the Terns which have been in this area of the Bay, my guess is that it was a Sandwich Tern.  It is a bird that will not ever be accurately identified.  I think the very little Woodpecker I saw yesterday will be another one.  This is one of the frustrating issues most of us birdwatchers face at times.  So, as far as birds, I will be moving on.-SLB

2012_03_18 Red-bellied Woodpecker

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