Oh, my goodness….

I’ve been complaining about the slow Internet connections we’ve had lately, which made it frustrating to post anything, but after sending off an email just now, our connection is fast, so here goes…

Enjoyed reading all the posts and looking at the pictures, all I can say is….wow!  I do have a lot of catching up to do, but don’t have much time tonight.  We are making our way southward along the western coast of Newfoundland, heading for the ferry terminal to take the ferry back to Nova Scotia. We’ve had a great, month-long stay with beautiful summer weather….while I didn’t see an iceberg, everything else made up for it.  I will do more posting when we get back home and I have more time.

Since the connection here is excellent at the moment, here are a couple of pictures from our trip….I believe this one is an American Pipit….correct me if I’m wrong


And, here’s a Fox Sparrow, taken a couple of days ago…..


The Gray Jays almost ate from my hand….they tried to land on me or my camera and also followed me around when I went looking for birds….I felt like the Pied Piper.  They were in the same campground as the Fox Sparrows and, in fact, they followed me over to where I was taking the picture of the Fox Sparrow.  I had a piece of bread with me, so I broke it into small pieces and they gobbled it up quickly, following me around, hoping for more, I guess.  They are known as Whiskey Jacks or Camp Robbers and are rarely called Gray Jays…..I think they look like large Black-capped Chickadees…


Okay…..that’s it for now…..will catch up with everyone’s posts later…..Jo


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