Peter Pan did say, “I gotta Crow”

and if I took a photo that good, I would Crow, too.  Just after I saw it, we went out so the dog could visit the grass.  The pond across the street, the fence surrounding it, the roofs of the two closest buildings and the closest power line were filled with Crows, a total of four or five dozen.  There were a lot of Crows bathing in the pond.  Of course, the other birds were gone.  This will happen anytime between 4 and 6 each evening now.  I am thinking that the dearth of migrants here might be related to the number of Crows.  Bummer.  I wanted to go to Boyd Hill Preserve today which would have been my first bus trip there,  taken over three hours total, and involved a transfer at an unfamiliar point.  (I don’t have a car now.)  I missed the Trolley and don’t know if and when the opportunity to make another attempt might present itself.  I think the passerine migrants might be leaving the area soon.  -SLB


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