A Limpkin photo, another photo and who can stop commenting about DaLo’s posts?


DaLo, the species numbers are impressive.  Mine were five or six for the month.  Other than Gulfport Beach, I’ve just noted birds while walking through the neighborhood with my Gravatar-come-to-life.  That’s like the tech version of Pinocchio-come-to-life.  I’ve got a camera dangling around my neck, a light nylon-like backpack with an aluminum water dish, bottles of water, plastic grocery bags, and a muzzle.  I’ve got a dog at the end of a leash.  Somehow, I’m just not seeing a pencil and small notebook in the equation.  But, hey, maybe that’s just me.  “Crow, Mockingbird, This way dog, Starling, Mockingbird, Dove, Blue Jay, Away from the Bay, Boy, Good Boy, Kingfisher, Snap the Shutter, Got It, Blue Jay, Mockingbird, oh, forget it.”  

Enough about me.

Birds are so expressive.  Two examples are shown in the Cardinal and Tanager photos.  Although they are in different families, Sibley lumps them together in the same section of his guide because some of them, these two included, have been dipped in the same vat of red dye.

I don’t think the White Pelicans are too involved with PC (Pinellas County), yet, but I don’t recall those kinds of numbers here in the year I have been paying attention.  

At DaLo’s request, I am considering changing the name of this blog from Florida Birdwatchers to People Who Watch Birds, as well as Reptiles, Insects, and Amphibians in Florida, but also Canada and England.  As the URL is and header are already Florida Birdwatchers, perhaps, in the interest of the inability to change the URL and the inconvenience in changing the header, I will reconsider considering the name change.  To placate DaLo about this, but knowing how much he likes both his digressions and his snakes, I am posting a photo I took at Sawgrass Lake Park last March.  I went because I heard it was Limpkin-land and wanted to add this Lifer to my meager life list.  Limpkins are found in limited places since it feeds almost exclusively on apple snails.  While searching for a Limpkin I found what looked to be two snakes.  Am I now pushing the envelope on this “G” rated site?  -SLB

Limpkin with Apple Snail


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