Good bye September, Hello October…

So, September just faded away (if I was in the UK, I’d be very depressed right now).  But it was still almost 90’F where I was today, so it’s still warmer than England ever managed to reach this year, so I’m very happy!  🙂

I just submitted my last two checklists for the month and noted that again California won the most checklists submitted with 17,752.  Florida managed 6th with 5,336 (57 of which were mine).  I wonder where we’ll figure in the October listings?

Last year (2011) and 2010, I had hummers visiting my feeder, and I watched the HBs flying around and feeding at the local botanical gardens until the 4th October.  This year (unless there’s a last minute surprise) the last HB I saw at NCBG was 7 days ago.  I was there every day (including the last 6 no-show days) but they just vanished.  Also, I never saw a single HB at my feeder.  I don’t know what changed, but it’s a disappointment that they didn’t turn up at my house at all and left early at the BG.

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted “Catbird” to eBird and the reviewer questioned my sighting (saying it was too early).  I continued to hear the unmistakable “mew” of the Catbird almost every day after that, but couldn’t actually see it.  Yesterday I saw it for the first time and today I heard FIVE, saw two and managed to photograph one.  So, for anyone who might doubt they’re around now – here’s a picture (it was eating the red berries)….


Gray Catbird



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