Come on Florida!

So, it really did rain all day!  Despite that, I managed to get 5 eBird checklists in (albeit) from within a car, house and gazebo!  But, it turned out to be worth it as I added another 5 species for the month – taking me to 35 in 3 days.  This is shaping up far better than 50 in a month in August!  Highlights today were the season’s first Black & White Warbler, a Yellow-throated Warbler, a Yellow-throated Vireo (in my back yard!) and the Kestrels I mentioned earlier.  I also stumbled upon a big, fat, juicy caterpillar of the Pipevine Swallowtail.  I won’t post a picture (to this, a bird website) unless someone asks to see it.  I submitted it to BAMONA (that’s eBird for butterflies) and they accepted it on the spot – which they’ve never done before.  Fortunately, caterpillars don’t fly away (well, not for three months!) so it makes it a lot easier to take a high-quality image.  Oh, not sure why (perhaps it’s the rain) but Florida has slumped to 14th in the eBird ‘charts’!  My wife is currently in Virgina (crossing over to Pennsylvania as I type) and she says there are birds everywhere (which might explain why PA is 7th)!  Come on Florida!!


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