Frankly, I like the changing of the months and what I might see and the possibility of less humid, cooler weather

Anyone who, like myself, forgets to title the post, gets a title assigned to it.  Before I edited this and added a title, my post was

I have been here long enough to note that there are seasons.  In terms of beauty and the  satisfaction of knowing I have serious survival skills, Florida leaves me cold (lol) with its subtle seasons.  No comments about survival skills and Canada, please.  I heard enough about that from my friend who was from Toronto when I lived in Columbus, Ohio.  I look to forward to getting some Lifers and visiting with some old friends when those Northern snowbirds fly down to Florida.  Birds.

Looks like you had a cooperative Warbler – beautiful.  DaLo, Kildeers, on my lifer list.  Where do they hang out, what kind of habitat? The caterpillar looks like a craft project made of twine and toothpicks.  Interesting little critter.

Jo, when the Sharpie story gets sad, please forget to relate it here.  It’s a looker, for sure, and your photo captures that.  My Raptor list is very, very low and I guess that is good in some ways, although there are beautiful specimens of the bird world.

DaLo, are you into apps?  Is there one that lets birders know when birds are sighted and where almost in real time?  I see bars and charts for the month and it is not in real time.

Nice walk this morning.  I often walk along the Bay at a local park.  I wish the bushes were not as tall, as I have to stand on one of the two docks which have locked gates.  The light is generally bad, the birds a little too distant, and it is a great spot to stand and see birds.  The Kingfisher was really booking it and noisy as can be.  Much to my surprise, I saw a Red-winged Blackbird, a first for the area.  I also saw Mockingbirds, a Red-bellied Woodpecker, also the usual Osprey on his usual pole, and the same ole Yellow-crowned Heron.  There are always a bevy of Crows, Mockingbirds and Blue Jays.  I have never seen such territorial birds as the Mockingbirds.  It is incredible how they fly in the air as each bullies the other and one usually leaves.  -SLB


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